The Sunday before Easter, cggardner and I went to an impromptu game night at novella152001 house to play some Munchkin and eat cake. Charles had made a strawberry cake with Smurf icing and I was having none of it. After catching up, we started our game. It got pretty intense when Sarah tried to gank me when I went to kill my first monster. At the end, with everyone tied at 9 and novella152001 tried really hard to kill my character so I couldn’t win. But I gotcggardner to help, and him being an elf also gained a level. So we both won in a tie. Leaving novella152001 all alone in the loser’s circle.

Oh shit Munchkinzzz raggedwiththecontra javisonfire lipslikelyloose

I still haven’t played a game ;-;


Happy Easter from my girl, me, and our floppy hats!  (Baby daddy had to work all day and is still there:c )



Dogs deserve to live longer

live forever*